Thank you from Phineas Katz

A tour with Mr. Statman is not like any tour I have had before.  I want to commend Yuval Statman on such a wonderful and fun tour my partner and I had with him this week.  Being in Israel on your own is not easy.  It is an overwhelming place.  However, having such a fun, vibrant, knowledgeable guide made our trip everything it became.  For example, Yuval not only walked us through the classic old city, sacred and historic neighborhoods, but walked us through his life in Jerusalem.  In between extraordinary hummus, we visited Jerusalem landmarks that you would refer to as local, hip and cool.  He showed us a narrative of living in Jerusalem and introduced us to his friends, family, and neighbors.  Over tea and baked goods which we had purchased together we ended our pleasant day on the porch of his familial friend and were so grateful for having found this unique and truly sweet tour guide.  


We will definitely have Yuval as our tour guide during our next visit to the hold land.

Phineas Katz

Thanks from Jane

This was the best tour ever! We encountered Yuval through a Free tour and seeing as it was so nice, yet so short, we asked him for a longer, day long tour of Jerusalem. 

The day we spent with Yuval was amazing: he is a knowledgeable guide with a ton of charm and great stories from all around Jerusalem. he knows so much about the history as well as about modern day Jerusalem. He took us to great places to see, and most importantly, to eat. 

We recommend this charming young man as a tour guide to all our friends, and to anyone who wants to have a great time while learning a ton!

Thanks Yuval for making our visit to Jerusalem one we will never forget!

A deep thank you

There are so many ways to know Jerusalem- It not easy to tell a story of a city with thousands years of history just in a few hours. Yuval  made it in the best way it can be done. the stories, jokes, history that Yuval told us (always with big smile :-) ) made this visit to be our best tour ever.

thank you Yuval